What is a Drinking Water Fountain?

Water Fountains also known as Drinking WaterFountains are designed to provide drinking water in much the same way as themore familiar water cooler.  Connected tothe mains water supply Water Fountains have a basin arrangement with a Tap orBubbler that dispenses either continuously running water or water ondemand. 


Popular in areas of high usage such as sportscentres, colleges and schools the fountains are typically made from stainlesssteel and may incorporate carbon filters to remove taste and bad odours fromthe mains water, they may also include a chilling system to reduce the watertemperature. 


All water fountains are fitted with some type ofwaste system which either allows gravity to get rid of the superfluous water,or a pumped waste system which may be used when the fountain is situated someway from adequate drainage.


What are the Benefits of a Water Fountain over aBottled Water Cooler?

With their basins, waste systems and robuststainless steel bodywork Water Fountains are ideal for high usage areas such ascorridors in schools and sports centres. 


Although the systems can be perceived as beingunattractive when compared to some bottled water coolers or plumbed in machinesthe systems themselves are very functional, they do not require bottleddelivery or even much maintenance and may be left unsupervised as they arerobust enough to handle some misuse. 


Most Drinking Fountains today are fitted with acarbon based filter and a coil on coil chilling system allowing the system todispense a continuous supply of fresh tasting chilled water, something thatmost water coolers are unable to achieve as these machines tend to be fed froma tank. 


Most fountains can dispense up to 25 litres ofchilled water per hour those systems with a pumped waste system can (because ofthe higher disposal capacity) dispenses up to 50 litres of chilled water perhour.

Why Drinking Water Fountains are the best choicefor Schools

Recent research has shown that children aren’tdrinking enough water at school as access to water in schools is often quitepoor. Water can help prevent the tiredness and irritability often associatedwith dehydration and can improve a pupils concentration levels.  The answer in many cases is to provide yourschool with water fountains or some type of water cooler.


Bottled water coolers are not the best choice forschools as the cost of the bottled delivery is prohibitive, in addition to thisit isn’t desirable for delivery PET Bottle Preforms Suppliers people to be regularly dropping off bottleswithin the school grounds.  The bottlesalso tend to take up room and use up valuable storage space which is at apremium in any school.  The benefits ofplumbed in water systems to schools include:

Aconstant supply of water when and where your pupils and staff need itNoneed to change heavy bottlesNobottle deliveryNoneed to store the bottlesSubstantialsavings on the cost of running a bottle fed system

All water systems including bottled systemsrequire some maintenance in terms of regular sanitisation and filterchanges.  Plumbed in units such asfountains also require installation but this is relatively simple for anyonewith good DIY skills, and as all schools have a Caretaker on staff to installand maintain the machine it would seem sensible to opt for this type of systemover a bottled cooler where possible.


There are a growing number of websites that offerwater fountains for sale rather than as a rental only option.  Direct purchase is preferable to thoseschools who don’t want to be tied into an onerous rental contract that requirecontinual monthly payments.


Should I choose a Freestanding Fountain a WallMounted Fountain or a Sink?

Most fountains today are available as eitherfreestanding or wall mounted units, they both work in the same way as eachother but capacities may vary between the two types of system.  Some websites also stock stainless steelbubbler sinks which are ideal if you are on a limited budget as they have nochilling system, they also require no maintenance other than an occasionalclean.    


Some schools may require a shorter wall mountedunit but site it on the floor to ensure that small children can access thewater.   

 If you want the cheapest possible fountain thatrequires no maintenance other than an occasional clean you can opt for a wallmounted stainless steel sink.    

 Can I Install a Water Fountain Outside?

Lots of people ask aboutfitting a drinking water fountain outside and while this can be possible wewould never recommend that you do this with a normal fountain fitted with achilling system.  Many manufacturers are nowconstructing machines that don’t chill the water and also there are a range ofwall mounted sinks which are ideal for outdoor use.