What makes a manual binding system a success?The Akiles WireMac M goes a long way toward answering that question.The WireMac M is a basic twin loop wire binding machine, constructedwith the highest quality materials, making it extremely durable and amuch better unit than any of the plastic binding systems that you findavailable in the market now. It's a great machine at an equally greatvalue.

The WireMac M's unique and superior features begin with itsmanufacturer, the Akiles company, famous for excellent bindingequipment with solid construction. The WireMac M is simple to operateand is versatile enough to come in 2 models; a 2:1 pitch or a 3:1 pitchmachine. All of this and more, makes it one of the best-selling manual,twin loop wire binding machines available now.

With a double-step punching process, the open-throated design andcompletely disengageable dies give the Wiremac M the ability to bindbooks as short as a few inches in length and as long a 17." Thisbinding system works on a variety of document sizes, including legal,letter and half letter sized projects. In addition, the WireMac Mstands out from the competition by including a simple-to-adjust,durable wire closer that will not slip as time goes on. The WireMac Malso includes a double handled design as one of its features, causingit to be even more effective and durable by separating the twomechanisms for both punching and wire-closing.

You can choose the Wiremac M model that best suits you needs. Eitherthe 3:1 pitch model (for 3 holes per inch) or the 2:1 pitch model (for2 holes per inch) are available. The 2:1 pitch machine works great forlarger documents between 5/8" and 1 ¼" thick and the 3:1 pitch machineis just right for smaller documents, between 3/16" and 9/16" thick.Additionally, you can order special wires to bind these smallerdocuments using the 2:1 pitch machine. The 3:1 pitch machine can alsouse 3:1 pitch spiral coil to create a different appearance.

The WireMac M has some versatility and gives you some unique sizeoptions, but there is a limit to the sizes available to bind on thismachine - It all depends on your pitch selection. If you want to create thick documents and thin documents, upgrading to the WireMac Duo may bethe Water Bottle Making Machine Manufacturers best option, giving you the ability to bind with both 2:1 and 3:1pitch wire.

The clamp-like wire holder on the machine can be hard to use if youcompare it with hook-style wire hangers included in many larger bindingsystems. The good news is that it gets easier to use with a bit ofpractice. One great tip to remember is not to let the wire becomestretched or compressed when you place it on the clamp holder. Anotherless-than-ideal feature is the WireMac M's closer. The closer is on theback of the machine, making it hard to move from the front closerwithout pages falling out of the stack. Other larger wire-binders aredesigned with the closer up front fore easier use. Especiallyhigh-volume applications are probably better with an electric punchmachine, rather than the WireMac M's manual mechanism, which is betterfor smaller to medium-sized projects.

Akiles is known for solid, durable construction and the WireMac M is noexception to this reputation. The binder is very well designed withall-metal components, built to last and to be effective for a very longtime. Although the WireMac M has a one-year-long warranty, its notsomething that will likely ever be used - its just that well-made. Sofor smaller or mid-sized companies that do a good deal of binding work,the WireMac M is an excellent choice for its simplicity andreliability. With helpful features at a good price, the WireMac M is anexcellent base-level machine for buyers searching for an effective twinloop wire binder.